OC-55 magnetic switch wired iron door magnetic alarm door and window alarm

  • OC-55 Normally Closed Type
  • OC-55 Often Open Type
  • OC-55 Often Open and Normally Closed Type
  • OC-55ZL Normally Closed Type
  • OC-55ZL Normally Open Type
  • OC-55ZL Normally Open and Normally Closed Type
  • OC-59 Normally Closed Type
  • OC-59 Often Open Type
  • OC-59 Often Open and Normally Closed Type
  • OC-60 Normally Closed Type
  • OC-60 Often Open Type
  • OC-60B Normally Closed Type
  • OC-60B Often Open Type
  • OC-60B Often Open-Normally Closed Type
  • Special bracket
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Product Specifications

Mainland China
Sai Li
Color Class
OC-55 Normally Closed OC-55 Normally Open OC-55 Normally Open Normally Closed OC-55ZL Normally Closed OC-55ZL normally open OC-55ZL normally open normally closed OC-59 normally closed OC-59 normally open OC-59 normally open normally closed OC-60 normally closed OC-60 normally open OC-60B Normally closed type OC-60B normally open type OC-60B normally open normally closed type special bracket

Product Description