Tcl Rogrensch Milan Gold Series One Open-cut Fluorescent Inclined Five-hole Two-three-socket Panel Package Type 86

  • One order control
  • Double control
  • Two opening control
  • Two open dual control
  • Three opening control
  • Three open dual control
  • Four opening control
  • Four open dual control
  • 10A three interpolation
  • 16A air conditioning plug
  • Five hole
  • Switch 16A air conditioning plug-in
  • Switch five holes
  • television
  • Telephone
  • Plug in computer
  • Network Plug + TV
  • Blank board
  • Oblique five holes
  • Waterproof box
  • With USB five holes
  • Inductive footlights
100% Authentic 15 Days Return Tax Info

Product Specifications

Package Package
Switch Socket Option
Five Holes
Type of Electrotechnical Product
Type 86
Warranty Period
11 years (inclusive) -15 years ( Contains)
Color Category
One billing control one open double control two billing control two open double control three billing three open double control four billing four open double control 10A three plug 16A air conditioning plug five hole switch 16A air conditioning plug Switch five-hole video telephone network plug-in computer network plug + TV blank board oblique five-hole waterproof cassette with USB five-hole induction foot lamp

Product Description