Apple 7plus toughened film cartoon cute 8p full screen female 8 eight full coverage 7p full edge iphone7 color film full body paste i7 front and back soft edge 8plus mobile phone film seven i8 glass 4.7 inches.

  • Front and back membranes [Piggy Page]
  • Front and back film [foundation cat]
  • Front and back membranes [Winnie the Pooh]
  • Front and rear membrane [Pink Panther]
  • Front and back membranes [great fortune]
  • Front and back membrane [Bear loves you].
  • Front and back membrane [beautiful girl]
  • Front and rear films [white]
  • Front and back membrane [green lemon]
  • Front and back membranes [little love]
  • Front and back membranes [feather powder]
  • Front and back film [foundation daisy]
  • Front and back membranes [Daisy on black background]
  • Front and rear membranes [Squirtle]
  • Front and back film [cartoon beautiful girl]
  • Front and back membranes [green daisies]
  • Front and back membranes [Mickey Minnie]
  • Anterior and posterior membranes [Pikachu]
  • Front and back membrane [Little Tony]
  • Front and back membranes [Xingdailu]
  • Front and back membrane [Hyun-a Kim flower]
Applicable mobile phone model
  • IPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • IPhone8
  • IPhone8plus
  • IPhone7plus
  • IPhone7
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Product Specifications

IPhone7/plus toughened film color film.
Texture of wood
Tempered glass
Applicable brands.
Apple/ apple
Front and back membranes [Piggy Page]/Front and back film [foundation cat]/Front and back membranes [Winnie the Pooh]/Front and rear membrane [Pink Panther]/Front and back membranes [great fortune]/Front and back membrane [Bear loves you]./Front and back membrane [beautiful girl]/Front and rear films [white]/Front and back membrane [green lemon]/Front and back membranes [little love]/Front and back membranes [feather powder]/Front and back film [foundation daisy]/Front and back membranes [Daisy on black background]/Front and rear membranes [Squirtle]/Front and back film [cartoon beautiful girl]/Front and back membranes [green daisies]/Front and back membranes [Mickey Minnie]/Anterior and posterior membranes [Pikachu]/Front and back membrane [Little Tony]/Front and back membranes [Xingdailu]/Front and back membrane [Hyun-a Kim flower]
Production enterprise
Shenzhen deqi technology co., ltd
Film pasting type
Film pasting features
Color film fingerprint-proof HD.
Applicable mobile phone model
IPhone SE (2nd generation)/IPhone8/IPhone8plus/IPhone7plus/IPhone7

Product Description

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