Applicable to 2020 new HP thin sharp envy 13 Ba inner bag 13.3-inch 13 ay notebook ultra-thin protective cover 15-ed0009tx computer leather storage bag 14-ce accessories

  • 14 inches
  • 13.3 inches
  • 15.6 inches
  • Be sure to leave a message about the notebook model, otherwise it cannot be delivered
  • Dark grey (frosted vertical)
  • Pink (frosted vertical)
  • Light blue (frosted vertical)
  • Khaki (frosted vertical)
  • Denim blue (frosted vertical)
  • Dark grey (frosted horizontal)
  • Pink (frosted horizontal)
  • Light blue (frosted horizontal)
  • Khaki (frosted horizontal)
  • Denim blue (frosted horizontal)
  • Dark grey (frosted vertical) & Power Pack
  • Pink (frosted vertical) & Power Pack
  • Light blue (frosted vertical) & Power Pack
  • Khaki (frosted vertical) & Power Pack
  • Denim blue (frosted vertical) & Power Pack
  • Dark grey (frosted horizontal) & Power Pack
  • Pink (frosted horizontal style) & Power Pack
  • Light blue (frosted horizontal) & Power Pack
  • Khaki (frosted horizontal) & Power Pack
  • Denim blue (frosted horizontal) & Power Pack
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Product Specifications

Texture of material
Notebook liner
14 inches/13.3 inches/15.6 inches
Be sure to leave a message about the notebook model, otherwise it cannot be delivered/Dark grey (frosted vertical)/Pink (frosted vertical)/Light blue (frosted vertical)/Khaki (frosted vertical)/Denim blue (frosted vertical)/Dark grey (frosted horizontal)/Pink (frosted horizontal)/Light blue (frosted horizontal)/Khaki (frosted horizontal)/Denim blue (frosted horizontal)/Dark grey (frosted vertical) & Power Pack/Pink (frosted vertical) & Power Pack/Light blue (frosted vertical) & Power Pack/Khaki (frosted vertical) & Power Pack/Denim blue (frosted vertical) & Power Pack/Dark grey (frosted horizontal) & Power Pack/Pink (frosted horizontal style) & Power Pack/Light blue (frosted horizontal) & Power Pack/Khaki (frosted horizontal) & Power Pack/Denim blue (frosted horizontal) & Power Pack
Manufacturing enterprise
Shenzhen nifan Trading Co., Ltd

Product Description

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