Applicable to the outer screen of Samsung Note5 screen assembly N9200 LCD screen N9208 touch screen assembly.

  • Note5 White Sino-Indian Assembly.
  • Note5 black and blue Sino-Indian assembly.
  • Note5 Golden Sino-Indian Assembly.
  • Note5 Silver Sino-Indian Assembly.
  • Note5 White Small Print Assembly.
  • Note5 Small black and blue print assembly.
  • Note5 Gold Small Print Assembly.
  • Note5 White Perfect Assembly.
  • Note5 Perfect black and blue assembly.
  • Note5 Golden Perfect Assembly.
  • Note5 Gold Printing Assembly.
  • Note5 Small Gold Seal Assembly.
  • Note5 small white seal assembly.
  • Note5 Small black and blue seal assembly.
  • Note5 Silver Small Seal Assembly.
  • Note5 Silver Small Print Assembly.
  • Note5 Silver Perfect Assembly.
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Product Specifications

Type of digital parts.
Applicable brands.
Samsung/ Samsung
Applicable models.
Note5 White Sino-Indian Assembly./Note5 black and blue Sino-Indian assembly./Note5 Golden Sino-Indian Assembly./Note5 Silver Sino-Indian Assembly./Note5 White Small Print Assembly./Note5 Small black and blue print assembly./Note5 Gold Small Print Assembly./Note5 White Perfect Assembly./Note5 Perfect black and blue assembly./Note5 Golden Perfect Assembly./Note5 Gold Printing Assembly./Note5 Small Gold Seal Assembly./Note5 small white seal assembly./Note5 Small black and blue seal assembly./Note5 Silver Small Seal Assembly./Note5 Silver Small Print Assembly./Note5 Silver Perfect Assembly.

Product Description

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