Lestao 3D16 Optical Cube Kit 16X16X16 Electronic DIY Making Spare STM32 Chip without Programming

  • Basic configuration
  • Base plate welding
  • 高大上配置
  • Weld the base plate on the high
  • 土豪配置蓝色灯
  • 土豪蓝色焊好底板
  • 土豪配置三色组合灯
  • Tuhao's three color welding of bottom plate
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Product Specifications

Color Classification
Tall configuration base configuration Tyrant configuration three types of lamp base configuration welding good floor plate on the large configuration welding good bottom plate local blue light welding good bottom plate local tricolor lamp welding good bottom plate local blue configuration blue Lights to see the details of the picture and then buy "

Product Description

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