Mobile hard disk package 2.5-inch Seagate protection box mouse power bank finishing package WD western data storage case

  • Event style: Black
  • Activity item: Blue
  • WD: Black - with wrist rope
  • WD: Blue - with wrist rope
  • Ball pattern: Black - with wrist rope
  • Ball pattern: Blue - with wrist rope
  • Pu: Black - with wrist rope
  • Pu: Blue - with wrist rope
  • Scallop pattern: Black - with wrist rope
  • Scallop pattern: Blue - with wrist rope
  • Patterned silver with wrist rope
  • Pattern purple - with wrist rope
  • Patterned black - with wrist rope
  • Patterned blue - with wrist rope
  • VVD: Black - with wrist rope
  • VVD: light blue - with wrist rope
  • VVD: dark blue - with wrist rope
  • Fiber grain: Black
  • Fiber grain: Silver
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Product Specifications

Good machine friend
Canvas hard disk bag
Notebook bag size
Event style: Black/Activity item: Blue/WD: Black - with wrist rope/WD: Blue - with wrist rope/Ball pattern: Black - with wrist rope/Ball pattern: Blue - with wrist rope/Pu: Black - with wrist rope/Pu: Blue - with wrist rope/Scallop pattern: Black - with wrist rope/Scallop pattern: Blue - with wrist rope/Patterned silver with wrist rope/Pattern purple - with wrist rope/Patterned black - with wrist rope/Patterned blue - with wrist rope/VVD: Black - with wrist rope/VVD: light blue - with wrist rope/VVD: dark blue - with wrist rope/Fiber grain: Black/Fiber grain: Silver
Manufacturing enterprise
Shenzhen xizao Technology Co., Ltd
Multipurpose integration
Portable handbag

Product Description

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