Shuer SLX24/BETA58A SLX24/SM58 Microphone Manufacturer Direct Selling Taiwan Version Guarantee for 10 Years

  • 230V Power Supply Set SM58
  • Shuer SLX24 Transformer Power Supply
  • Shuer SLX24 antenna pair
  • Shuer BETA58A Single Hand Sale
  • SLX24 mounting rack
  • 230V power supply BETA58A
  • SLX24 Host One
  • 110V Power Supply Set SM58
  • 110V power supply BETA58A
  • Microphone rear cover tail barrel
  • WL93 waistband collar clip 110V
  • WL93 waistband collar clip 230V
  • Single waistband collar clip
  • SLX host waistband with collar clip, skin color and head wear
  • Single-waist bag with flesh-colored headdress
  • SM58 host hand-held waistband collar clip line skin color head wear
  • Shuer SM58 Single Hand
  • BETA host hand-held waistband collar clip line skin color head wear
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230V Power Supply Package SM58 Shure SLX24 Transformer Supply Shure SLX24 Antenna Pair Shure BETA58A Single Handheld Sell SLX24 Mounting Rack 230V Power Supply Package BETA58A SLX24 Host One 110V Power Supply Package SM58 110V Power Package BETA58A Microphone Back Cover Tail Tube WL93 Waist Collar Clip 110V WL93 Waist Collar Clip 230V Single Waist Bag With Lapel Line SLX main body purse with clevis lined skin color wearing a single purse with a flesh color headpiece SM58 hostile hand pocket purse clip line skin color wearing a Shure SM58 single hand-held BETA hostile pocket purse collar line color head wearing
Microphone type
Dynamic "
applicable to
pointing feature

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