Factory District Wall Alarm Wireless Infrared Anti-fire ABE250 Meter with High Power and Long Distance Anti-theft System

  • One host & one forward pair of 3-beam infrared counter-fire
  • One-to-one transmission of a pair of three-beam infrared radiation
  • One host & one forward two pairs of 3-beam infrared counter-fire
  • Four-to-three-beam infrared counter-fire with one host&2 forwarding
  • One host&4 forwarding eight pairs of 3-beam infrared counter-fire
  • Infrared Beam Counter-fire by One Host&8 Forwarding 16
  • A New Black Wireless Alarm Host with Remote Control
  • A Super Wireless Transmitter
  • An Iron Shell Wireless Transmitter
  • High Power 220 Volt Wireless Detector
  • High Power 220 Volt Ultra-Long Distance Wireless Detector
  • Wireless Emergency Manual Press and Torsion
  • Add a host wireless remote controller
  • Add a signal repeater
  • Add a host telephone voice module
  • Add a Host Mobile Card Module
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Product Specifications

Place of Origin
Mainland China
Sensor Type
Radar Detector

Product Description

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