Spot finished products pure manual egg bag Mid-Autumn Festival eggs, duck eggs, netted summer eggs, egg pocket hanging neck

  • Coloured finished products (duck eggs)
  • Coloured finished products (eggs added)
  • 五色绳加金线(鸭蛋款)
  • Five-color rope plus gold thread (eggs plus money)
  • 红色手绳(可调大小)
  • Colourful hand rope (adjustable size)
  • Five-color rope with gold thread handrope (adjustable size)
  • Red
  • Rose red
  • Pink
  • yellow
  • green
  • 蓝色
  • 紫色
  • Red bag
  • Pink bag
  • 浅蓝锦囊
  • Light purple bag
  • Tibetan green bag
  • 绿色锦囊
  • Blue and White Porcelain Brocade
  • Yellow bag
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Product Specifications

Color Category
Color Finished Product (Duck Egg Style) Color Finished Product (Goose Plus Size)] Five Color Rope Plus Gold Line (Duck Egg Style) Five Color Rope Plus Gold Line (Eight Goose Extra Size) Red Hand Strap (Adjustable Size) Color hand rope (adjustable size) Five-color rope plus gold hand rope (adjustable size) Red Kit Pink Kit Light blue kit Light purple Kit Kit Blue Kit Green Kit Blue and white Kit Kit Yellow Kit Yellow Red Purple Green Blue Pink Rose Red

Product Description

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