1KW2KW3KW Portable UV Curing Machine Handheld UV Oil Baking Lamp UV Glue Ultraviolet Lamp

  • Over 300W
  • 400W Curing Machine
  • 1KW portable type (total length of lamp tube 230mm)
  • 1KW Black Standard (230mm total length)
  • 1KW Extended Type (Lamp Tube Total Length 300mm)
  • 1KW portable & 600W infrared leveling lamp
  • 2KW (total length of lamp is 400mm)
  • 2KW Curing Machine & 1KW Infrared Leveling Lamp
  • 3KW220V (total length of lamp is 500mm)
  • 3KW380V (lamp length 500mm)
  • 3KW220V (total length of lamp tube 600mm)
  • 3KW380V (total length 710mm)
  • 400 W 180 mm long original lamp tube
  • 1KW230mm original lamp tube
  • 1KW300mm original lamp tube
  • 2KW400mm original lamp tube
  • 3KW 500mm original lamp tube
  • The half price of spare lamp tube shipped with equipment is limited to one
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Product Specifications

Warranty Period
1 Year
Color Classification
1KW Portable (230mm lamp length) 1KW Black Standard (lamp length 230mm) 1KW Black Extended Type (lamp length 300mm) 2KW (length of lamp tube 400mm) 2KWUV Machine +1000W Heat Leveling Lamp 3KW220V (lamp length 500mm) 3KW380V (lamp length 500mm) 1KW Portable Type +600W Infrared Lamp 400W Small UV Plastic curing machine 1KW original machine lamp random delivery first 45 yuan 2KW original machine lamp 3KW original machine lamp
light source type
UV light source
300W above
city service
city buyers home Since mention

Product Description

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