No. 3 Sleeve Flying Hook White-striped Specialized Single-hook Stream Fishing Dry Wool Hook White-striped Hook Universal Road Sub-hook

  • Golden sleeves with thorns red (50)
  • Slow sinking booster 3.2 g per box
  • Slow sinking booster 4.6g per box
  • Floating water thrower 4.2g per box
  • Small melon seed sequins silver bag
  • No. 3 series hook
  • Golden bag of small melon seeds sequins
  • Large melon seed sequins silver bag
  • Golden bag of large melon seeds sequins
  • Red with spiny golden sleeves (100)
  • Black with Tattoo Sleeves (50)
  • Black with Tattoo Sleeves (100)
Fishhook number
  • Number 3
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Product Specifications

Color Classification
Barbed Gold Black (100pcs)] Barbed Gold Black (50pcs) Floating Water Bait YX28 (6g) Floating Water Bait YX23 (8g) Floating Water Bait YD148 (10g) Floating Bait YD127(8.5g) Floating Lure YD149 (9g) Floating Lure DH328 (5g) Strapless Black Sleeve Red (50pcs) Thornless Black Sleeve Red (100pcs)
Fishing Place
Ocean Beach Fishing
Tag Price
Production Area
Sports Outdoor Project
Price Range
Below $50

Product Description

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