Bulls Port Edition Converter Plug Hong Kong British Charger Converter Connector Macau UK Singapore Malaysia

  • The British Standard of Waterproof Bags Used in Foreign Countries
  • Overseas British Standard of Waterproof Bags with One Rotation Two Delivery
  • English Standard of Waterproof Bag with USB in Foreign Countries
  • Port version of domestic one-turn-one-delivery ring bracket
  • Port version of domestic finger ring support with USB
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Product Specifications

Product Name
BULL Bull Converter GN-L01E British Standard New Matai India Pakistan Singapore Hong Kong
Plug Category
Conversion Plug
Color Category
Abroad with two British standard L01E Abroad use one British standard 901E Abroad with USB British Standard 911E Domestic use one-to-one Hong Kong version L01CE Domestic with USB Hong Kong version 911CE
Model Number
Transducer Type
British Standard

Product Description

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