Weld-free butt-joint 2EDG 5.08mm butt-plug 2EDGRK 5.08 plug-in green terminal 2p-24p

  • Remarks on the Number of Number of Cores Calculated at Unit Price per Core
  • 2p docking set
  • 3P docking set
  • 4P docking set
  • 5p docking set
  • 6p docking set
  • 7p docking set
  • 8p docking set
  • 9p docking set
  • 10p docking set
  • 11p docking set
  • 12p docking set
  • 14P docking set
  • 15p docking set
  • 16p docking set
  • 18p docking set
  • 20p docking set
  • 22P docking set
  • 24P docking set
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Product Specifications

Color Classification
Calculate the total number of cores per core unit, then note the 2p butt joints, the entire 3p docking package, the entire 4p butt package, the 5p docking package, the 6p butt the package, the 7p docking package, the 8p docking package, the 9p docking package, the 10p docking package, the 11p Docking Package 12p Docking Package 14p Docking Package 15p Docking Package 16p Docking Package 18p Docking Package 20p Docking Package 22p Docking Package

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