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  • ZL802.230 (92MM blower with opening)
  • ZL-802 (separate filter)
  • ZL803.230 (122MM blower with opening)
  • ZL-803 (separate filter)
  • ZL804.230 (175MM blower with opening)
  • ZL-804 (separate filter)
  • ZL805.230 (opening 223MM blower)
  • ZL-805 (separate filter)
  • ZL806.230 (283MM blower with opening)
  • ZL-806 (separate filter)
  • CT205.230 (177MM blower with opening)
  • ZL-205 ((separate filter)
  • CT256.230 (opening 224MM blower)
  • ZL-256 (separate filter)
  • CT320.230 (open 292MM blower)
  • ZL803.024 (opening 122 with 24V fan)
  • Fan Temperature Controller
  • ZL-802.024 (opening 92MM with 24V fan)
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Shanghai Full sharp
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ZL802.230 (opening 92MM with fan) ZL-802 (separate filter) ZL803.230 (opening 122MM with fan) ZL -803 (separate filter) ZL804.230 (open hole 175MM with fan) ZL-804 (separate filter) ZL805.230 (open hole 223MM with fan) ZL-805 (separate filter) ZL806.230 (open hole 283MM With fan) ZL-806 (separate filter) CT205.230 (opening 177MM with fan) ZL-205 ((separate filter) CT256.230 (opening 224MM with fan) ZL-256 (separate filter) CT320. 230 (opening 292MM with fan) ZL803.024 (opening 122 with 24V fan) fan temperature controller ZL-802.024 (opening 92MM with 24V fan)
applicable to
heat sink type
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