Baoyou Natural Cucurbita Seven-color Cucurbita Wa Seven-color Cucurbita Wa with Rattan Hanging String 61 Children's Gifts

  • Sublumbar 7-9 cm red vine
  • Sublumbar 7-9 cm green vine
  • Seven-coloured vine 7-9 cm from Yawai
  • Hand twist 4-7 cm Seven-color vine
  • Hongteng Yawai 7-9 cm belt pattern
  • Green vine Yawai 7-9 cm band pattern
  • Seven-color Teng Yawai 7-9 cm band pattern
  • Sublumbar 7-9 cm red rattan golden
  • Sublumbar 7-9 cm green vine golden
  • 7-9 cm Golden Seven-coloured Vine
  • Hand twist 4-7 centimetre colorful vine golden
  • Handtwist Seven Chinese Payments in Seven Colors
  • Hand twisted seven bunches of Chinese cash in gold
  • Handtwist 4-7 cm seven strings of red
  • Yayao 10-12 cm Seven-coloured Vine
  • Yawai 10-12 cm red rattan
  • Sublumbar 10-12 cm green vine
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Product Specifications

Color Category
Asian Waist Red Rattan Waist Green Wavy Asian Waist Seven Color Rattan Bassoon Seven Color Wax Red Rattan Pattern Green Belted Pattern Seven Colors Rattan Belt Pattern Waist Red Ivy Golden Asian Waist Green Rattan Golden Asian Waist Seven Color Cane Gold Handcuffs Colorful Rattan Gold Seven Chinese Strings Seven Colors Seven Chinese Strings Gold

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