Safety rope special hanging rope for high-altitude external wall working seating board wear-resistant nylon rope suit Spider-Man outdoor nylon rope

  • Nylon monolayer (skin) 6MM10m
  • Nylon monolayer (outer skin) 12MM 1 m
  • Nylon 3-layer (outer skin) 18MM 1 meter
  • Nylon three layers (outer skin) 24MM 1 meter
  • Nylon monolayer (outer skin) 10MM 1 m
  • Nylon three layers (outer skin) 16MM 1 meter
  • Stainless steel eight-ring set
  • Nylon monolayer (outer skin) 8MM10m
  • Nylon three layers (outer skin) 20MM 1 meter
  • Nylon three layers (outer skin) 22MM 1 meter
  • Nylon double layer (outer skin) 14MM 1m
  • A set of six-layer self-locking device with release buckle for seat belt seat plate
  • Fully plated self-locking device 16-20mm
  • Single-hole self-locking device 14-18 mm
  • Fully plated self-locking device 8-12 mm
  • Galvanized self-locking device 16-20mm
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Polyamide Single Layer 6MM10 Meter Polyamide Single Layer 8MM10 Meter Polyamide Single Layer 10MM one meter nylon single layer 12MM one meter nylon double layer 14MM one meter nylon three layer 16MM one meter nylon three layer 18MM one meter nylon three layer 20MM one meter nylon three layer 22MM one meter nylon three layer 24MM one meter : Winter 2015

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