Microphone Support Ground-to-Ground Live Broadcasting Wireless Stage Metal Disc Ground-to-Ground Lifting Mail Frame Vertical Microphone Support

  • Straight rod
  • Gooseneck
  • Oblique rod
  • Mobile phone microphone dual-use
  • Flat-panel microphone dual-purpose (mobile phone can be clipped)
  • Straight rod type with metal double-headed nuts
  • Straight rod section (enhanced version)
  • Straight pole electroplating reinforcing section
  • Straight pole (mini version)
  • Two-handed clip & microphone clip
  • Two-handed clip & flat clip & microphone clip
  • Straight pole with cross pole and double microphone clamp
  • Gooseneck with crossbar and double microphone clamp
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Product Specifications

Color classification
straight section models gooseneck section diagonal section mobile phone microphone dual-use flat microphone dual-purpose straight section with copper nut straight section plating section straight section (advanced version) straight section plating section strengthening section

Product Description

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