Fuyuanzuo 11,15,18 cm traditional fishing floating reed floating long-handed fishing rod buoy with bold and eye-catching tail

  • 16CM Black Cloudy Tail (Reed)
  • 23CM Green Cloudy Tail (Phragmites australis)
  • 11CM Red Sunny Tail (Reed)
  • 23CM Black Cloudy Tail (Phragmites australis)
  • 23CM Red Sunny Tail (Reed)
  • 20CM Red Sunny Tail (Reed)
  • 18CM Black Cloudy Tail (Reed)
  • 15CM Red Sunny Tail (Reed)
  • 16CM Red Sunny Tail (Reed)
  • 10CM Red Sunny Tail (Balsam)
  • 20CM Green Cloudy Tail (Phragmites australis)
  • 18CM Red Sunny Tail (Reed)
  • 5CM Red Sunny Tail (Balsam)
  • 15CM Black Cloudy Tail (Phragmites australis)
  • 20CM Black Cloudy Tail (Reed)
  • 11CM Black Cloudy Tail (Reed)
  • Tip: Single-shot 3 packages
Bleach number
  • Straight leg
  • Soft feet
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Product Specifications

Package method
Drift type
Hard tail
Float classification
Floating float
Float classification
Vertical float
16CM Tail (Reed) 23CM green cloudy tail (Reed) 11CM red sunny tail (Reed) 23CM black cloudy sky (Reed) 23CM red sunny tail (Reed) 20CM red sunny tail (Reed) 18CM black cloudy tail (Reed) 15CM Red Sunny End (Reed) 16CM Black Sunny End (Reed) 10CM Red Sunny End (Balassar) 20CM Green Cloudy End (Reed) 18CM Red Sunny End (Reed) 5CM Red Sunny End (Balassar) 15CM Black Yin Tail (Reed) 20CM black cloudy sky (Reed) 11CM black cloudy sky (Reed)
Article number
Fishing place
Ocean beach fishing Ocean boat Fishing Ocean fishing Rivers and lakes Reservoir Pond Stream Other
Tag Price
Sports Outdoor Project
Drifting Number
Straight Feet Feet
Time to market
Summer of 2018
Place of Origin
Number of Measure
"3 heads
Price range
50 yuan or less

Product Description

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