Applicable to ASUS k42j a43s S400 x550v fx50j x555 k42d x45v exhaust fan

  • Applicable to k42j a40j x42j a42j
  • For x45v x55v x45vd
  • For a43s x43s k43s p43s
  • Applicable to a53s x53s k53s p53s
  • Applicable to fx50j fx50v w50j
  • Applicable to k550j x550j a550j
  • Applicable to x555l, k555l and a555l
  • Applicable to x550v, a550v and a450v
  • Applicable to x450v x450vc x450vb
  • For A45 a45v k45vd a85v
  • Applicable to s400c x402c x502c
  • Applicable to y481c y581c y481l
  • Applicable to x455l, a455l, x554l and f554l
  • For n61 a52j k52d k52j
  • For k42d a40d x42d k42dr
  • Applicable to w419l w519l vm510l
  • For x84h x54h x44h k54hr
  • For x550c x450c a550c
  • For n55s N45s x55vd
  • For x81s a8s f8s z99g M51
  • For K40 K50 x8a k401n a41i
  • Applicable to k550d x550d k555z
  • Applicable to n551j f402c vm590z
  • Applicability: a450c k84hry581l
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Product Specifications

Ice demon
By fan configuration
Applicable to k42j a40j x42j a42j/For x45v x55v x45vd/For a43s x43s k43s p43s/Applicable to a53s x53s k53s p53s/Applicable to fx50j fx50v w50j/Applicable to k550j x550j a550j/Applicable to x555l, k555l and a555l/Applicable to x550v, a550v and a450v/Applicable to x450v x450vc x450vb/For A45 a45v k45vd a85v/Applicable to s400c x402c x502c/Applicable to y481c y581c y481l/Applicable to x455l, a455l, x554l and f554l/For n61 a52j k52d k52j/For k42d a40d x42d k42dr/Applicable to w419l w519l vm510l/For x84h x54h x44h k54hr/For x550c x450c a550c/For n55s N45s x55vd/For x81s a8s f8s z99g M51/For K40 K50 x8a k401n a41i/Applicable to k550d x550d k555z/Applicable to n551j f402c vm590z/Applicability: a450c k84hry581l
Heat dissipation mode
Air cooling

Product Description

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