Taoist charm open light talisman mobile phone talisman Sticker Anti Radiation sticker summon money, ward off evil spirits and transport Taoist supplies Talisman

Color of stickers
  • To attract wealth
  • It's too old
  • Zhenwu bodyguard
  • Cut evil and protect yourself
  • Safe transshipment
  • Amnesty shipment
  • Safety protection
  • Baixie Wangyun
  • Heavenly Master five thunder
  • The Heavenly Master calls for wealth
  • Heavenly Master bodyguard
  • Heavenly Master peace
  • God of wealth
  • Safe driving
  • Taiji Bagua
  • Have passed the examination
  • Pass every exam
  • Eight parties gather wealth
  • Moon old marriage
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Color of stickers
To attract wealth/It's too old/Zhenwu bodyguard/Cut evil and protect yourself/Safe transshipment/Amnesty shipment/Safety protection/Baixie Wangyun/Heavenly Master five thunder/The Heavenly Master calls for wealth/Heavenly Master bodyguard/Heavenly Master peace/God of wealth/Safe driving/Taiji Bagua/Have passed the examination/Pass every exam/Eight parties gather wealth/Moon old marriage
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Taoist metal spell

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