Liquid color charger is suitable for iphone8 apple 7oppo Huawei vivo data cable and dual port charging head cable

  • Hibiscus red [charger & 1.2m Apple cable]
  • Cream yellow [charger & 1.2m Apple cable]
  • Lavender [charger & 1.2m Apple cable]
  • Matcha green [charger & 1.2m Apple cable]
  • Hibiscus red [charger & 1.2m Android cable]
  • Cream yellow [charger & 1.2m Android cable]
  • Lavender [charger & 1.2m Android cable]
  • Matcha green [charger & 1.2m Android cable]
  • Hibiscus red [charger & 1.2m typec cable]
  • Cream yellow [charger & 1.2m typec cable]
  • Lavender [charger & 1.2m typec cable]
  • Matcha green [charger & 1.2m typec cable]
  • Hibiscus red [charger & 1.8m Apple cable]
  • Cream yellow [charger & 1.8m Apple cable]
  • Lavender [charger & 1.8m Apple cable]
  • Matcha green [charger & 1.8m Apple cable]
  • Hibiscus red [charger & 1.8m Android cable]
  • Cream yellow [charger & 1.8m Android cable]
  • Lavender [charger & 1.8m Android cable]
  • Matcha green [charger & 1.8m Android cable]
  • Hibiscus red [charger & 1.8m typec cable]
  • Cream yellow [charger & 1.8m typec cable]
  • Lavender [charger & 1.8m typec cable]
  • Matcha green [charger & 1.8m typec cable]
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Product Specifications

Interface type
apple lighting\u00a0Micro USB\u00a0TYPE-C\u00a0apple Lightning
Hibiscus red [charger & 1.2m Apple cable]/Cream yellow [charger & 1.2m Apple cable]/Lavender [charger & 1.2m Apple cable]/Matcha green [charger & 1.2m Apple cable]/Hibiscus red [charger & 1.2m Android cable]/Cream yellow [charger & 1.2m Android cable]/Lavender [charger & 1.2m Android cable]/Matcha green [charger & 1.2m Android cable]/Hibiscus red [charger & 1.2m typec cable]/Cream yellow [charger & 1.2m typec cable]/Lavender [charger & 1.2m typec cable]/Matcha green [charger & 1.2m typec cable]/Hibiscus red [charger & 1.8m Apple cable]/Cream yellow [charger & 1.8m Apple cable]/Lavender [charger & 1.8m Apple cable]/Matcha green [charger & 1.8m Apple cable]/Hibiscus red [charger & 1.8m Android cable]/Cream yellow [charger & 1.8m Android cable]/Lavender [charger & 1.8m Android cable]/Matcha green [charger & 1.8m Android cable]/Hibiscus red [charger & 1.8m typec cable]/Cream yellow [charger & 1.8m typec cable]/Lavender [charger & 1.8m typec cable]/Matcha green [charger & 1.8m typec cable]
Manufacturing enterprise
Straight head type
Number of taps
Single head

Product Description

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