2020 new Lenovo Savior r7000 keyboard film y7000p 2020 protective cover y7000 dust cover

  • Silica gel transparent
  • High permeability TPU
  • TPU semi transparent black
  • Tpu-win10 shortcut key
  • Silver ion TPU
  • Silica gel semi transparent black
  • Silica gel semi transparent white
  • Silica gel semi permeable powder
  • Silica gel semi transparent sapphire green
  • Silica gel multicolored black
  • Silicone multicolored blue
  • Silica transparent black
  • Silicone feel comfortable - chalk words
  • Silicone feel comfortable - Unicorn
  • Silicone feel comfortable - Forbidden City Painting
  • Silicone feel comfortable - license plate number
  • Silicone feel comfortable - Meng planet
  • Silicone feel comfortable - Mr. cat
  • TPU non fading - chalk
  • TPU does not fade - Unicorn
  • TPU does not fade - painting of the Forbidden City
  • TPU does not fade - license plate number
  • TPU does not fade - Cute planet
  • TPU does not fade - Mr. cat
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Product Specifications

Silica gel transparent/High permeability TPU/TPU semi transparent black/Tpu-win10 shortcut key/Silver ion TPU/Silica gel semi transparent black/Silica gel semi transparent white/Silica gel semi permeable powder/Silica gel semi transparent sapphire green/Silica gel multicolored black/Silicone multicolored blue/Silica transparent black/Silicone feel comfortable - chalk words/Silicone feel comfortable - Unicorn/Silicone feel comfortable - Forbidden City Painting/Silicone feel comfortable - license plate number/Silicone feel comfortable - Meng planet/Silicone feel comfortable - Mr. cat/TPU non fading - chalk/TPU does not fade - Unicorn/TPU does not fade - painting of the Forbidden City/TPU does not fade - license plate number/TPU does not fade - Cute planet/TPU does not fade - Mr. cat
Manufacturing enterprise
Ninghai Hongrun New Material Co., Ltd
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