Special AOC 22b2h 21.5-inch large screen display screen soft steel anti blue light and anti reflective protective film

  • HD High Permeability Film
  • Taiwan Province reflective frosted film
  • HD anti-fingerprint film
  • Ultra-clear mirror mask
  • Korea anion scratch-proof film
  • Diamond automatic instant repair film
  • 360-degree nano explosion-proof membrane
  • Anti-glare and anti-vertigo film
  • Paper-like film for writing and painting
  • Antibacterial and anti-blue light eye protection film
  • Full screen fiber toughened film
  • Left and right peep-proof films
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Product Specifications

HD High Permeability Film/Taiwan Province reflective frosted film/HD anti-fingerprint film/Ultra-clear mirror mask/Korea anion scratch-proof film/Diamond automatic instant repair film/360-degree nano explosion-proof membrane/Anti-glare and anti-vertigo film/Paper-like film for writing and painting/Antibacterial and anti-blue light eye protection film/Full screen fiber toughened film/Left and right peep-proof films
24 inches

Product Description

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