Applicable to Meizu 16th plus 16x 16S XS 17pro 16t original display screen assembly with frame

  • Meizu 16th black screen
  • Meizu 16th white screen
  • Meizu 16th plus black screen
  • Meizu 16th plus white screen
  • Meizu 16xs black screen assembly
  • Meizu 16xs white screen assembly
  • Meizu 16S black screen assembly
  • Meizu 16S white screen assembly
  • Meizu 16t screen assembly
  • Meizu 16x screen assembly
  • Meizu 17 screen assembly
  • Meizu 17pro screen assembly
  • Meizu 16th screen (with frame)
  • Meizu 16th plus screen (with frame)
  • Meizu 16t screen assembly (with frame)
  • Meizu 16x screen assembly (with frame)
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Product Specifications

Meizu 16
Applicable brand
Meizu / Meizu
Meizu 16th black screen/Meizu 16th white screen/Meizu 16th plus black screen/Meizu 16th plus white screen/Meizu 16xs black screen assembly/Meizu 16xs white screen assembly/Meizu 16S black screen assembly/Meizu 16S white screen assembly/Meizu 16t screen assembly/Meizu 16x screen assembly/Meizu 17 screen assembly/Meizu 17pro screen assembly/Meizu 16th screen (with frame)/Meizu 16th plus screen (with frame)/Meizu 16t screen assembly (with frame)/Meizu 16x screen assembly (with frame)
Applicable model
Meizu 16
Digital component type

Product Description

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