The fourth generation of small fans hanging around the neck online celebrity sports aromatherapy mini electric fans charge mute students with super wind

  • [Standard Edition] Elegant white 1200mA
  • [Standard Edition] Baijiahong 1200mA
  • [Standard Edition] Cherry blossom powder 1200mA
  • [Standard Edition] Classic Black 1200mA
  • [Standard Edition] Peppermint Green 1200mA
  • [Standard Edition] Cool Blue 1200mA
  • [upgraded version] elegant white 2000mA
  • [upgraded version] baijiahong 2000mA
  • [upgraded version] cherry blossom powder 2000mA
  • [upgraded version] classic black 2000mA
  • [upgraded version] mint green 2000mA
  • [upgraded version] cool blue 2000mA
  • [Top Edition] Elegant white 2600mA
  • [Top Edition] Classic Black 2600mA
  • [Top version] Cherry blossom powder 2600mA
  • [Top Edition] Peppermint Green 2600mA
  • [Top Edition] Cool Blue 2600mA
  • [Top Edition] White Plus Red 2600mA
  • 'Aromatherapy Lantern Edition' Pure Black 2600mA
  • [Aromatherapy Lantern Edition] Tender powder 2600mA
  • [Aromatherapy Lantern Edition] Black and Red 2600mA
  • [aromatherapy lantern edition] plain 2600mA
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[Standard Edition] Elegant white 1200mA/[Standard Edition] Baijiahong 1200mA/[Standard Edition] Cherry blossom powder 1200mA/[Standard Edition] Classic Black 1200mA/[Standard Edition] Peppermint Green 1200mA/[Standard Edition] Cool Blue 1200mA/[upgraded version] elegant white 2000mA/[upgraded version] baijiahong 2000mA/[upgraded version] cherry blossom powder 2000mA/[upgraded version] classic black 2000mA/[upgraded version] mint green 2000mA/[upgraded version] cool blue 2000mA/[Top Edition] Elegant white 2600mA/[Top Edition] Classic Black 2600mA/[Top version] Cherry blossom powder 2600mA/[Top Edition] Peppermint Green 2600mA/[Top Edition] Cool Blue 2600mA/[Top Edition] White Plus Red 2600mA/'Aromatherapy Lantern Edition' Pure Black 2600mA/[Aromatherapy Lantern Edition] Tender powder 2600mA/[Aromatherapy Lantern Edition] Black and Red 2600mA/[aromatherapy lantern edition] plain 2600mA

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