Tulas Apple PDs Data Line iPhone 11 Charging Line ProMax 8Plus Genuine iPhone X Phone XSMAX Extra Long X Fast Charging Extended iPhone 7

  • Shunfeng Baggage & 2-year Quality Guarantee] Shop Manager promises: charging is not fast and free of charge.
  • 2.0m (red) (30W flash)# authenticated real PD fast filling, 300% faster
  • 2.0m (gun color) (30W flash charge)# Authenticated real PD fast charge, 300% faster
  • 1.2m (red) (30W flash) # authenticated real PD fast filling 300% faster
  • 1.2m (gun color) (30W flash charge)# authenticated real PD fast charge 300% faster
  • 0.5 m (red) (18W standard USB interface) [Elbow Game Section]
  • 1.0m (red) (18W standard USB interface)[Elbow Game Section]
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Product Specifications

Number of splitter connectors
single header
Shenzhen Torras Technology Co., Ltd.
The following are the quick charge Does not hurt the machine, the certification does not pop up, Apple universal, two-year warranty Black (1.2 meters) intelligent power off ★ Black (1.8 meters) intelligent power off ★ Red (1.2 meters) intelligent power off ★ Red (1.8 meters) Smart Power Off ★ Black (0.6m Red (0.6m Black (1.2m) Black (1.8m) Red (1.2m) Red (1.8m) Rose Gold (1.2m) Rose Gold (1.8m) Silver (1.2m) Silver (1.8m) Tyrant gold (1.2m) Tyrant gold (1.8m)
Interface type
apple lighting

Product Description

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