XC1-16R-E/XC1-16T-E/C/10/14R/24R/32R/48T/60/5 brand-new original Xinjie PLC

  • XC1-10R-E Relay Output
  • XC1-10T-E transistor output
  • XC1-16R-E Relay Output
  • XC1-16T-E transistor output
  • XC1-24R-E Relay Output
  • XC1-24T-E transistor output
  • XC1-32R-E Relay Output
  • XC1-32T-E transistor output
  • XVP Credit PLC Download Line
  • DVP Line Xinjie Screen and PLC Communication Line
  • Communication Line between FX-ray Xinjie Screen and Mitsubishi PLC
  • S7-200 Xinjie Screen and Siemens Line
  • OP320-A Compatible Credit V8.0
  • OP Text Download Line
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Product Specifications

Color Classification
XC1-10R-E Relay Output XC1-10T-E Transistor Output XC1-16R-E Relay Output XC1-16T-E Transistor Output XC1-24R-E Relay Output XC1-24T -E Transistor output XC1-32R-E Relay output XC1-32T-E Transistor output XVP Xinjie PLC download line DVP line Xinjie screen and PLC communication line FX line Xinjie screen and Mitsubishi PLC communication line S7-200 line Xinjieping Compatible with Siemens Line OP320-A Xinjie V8.0 OP Text Download Line

Product Description

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